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3 Hurdles that Keep Your Business from Scaling Up

Oct 03, 2022

Anyone who starts a company has the end goal of making it big--so big that it blinds them of the
essential things that hinder their business from actually ramping up. If things were just that easy,
then we should not be hearing and seeing companies struggling with their growth process.
Sadly, entrepreneurs often neglect the fact that growing a company entails skills and
well-thought strategies to achieve “The Goal”.

So, the question remains: What are the barriers that keep my business from scaling up?
It’s no surprise that adding manpower is imperative when a business is growing and it comes
with complexities. Yes, you heard it right! Imagine this, having yourself plus two people at the
start then you suddenly have to hire two to three more. The communication and work process
becomes more complicated especially when there’s no system set up to keep track of the tasks
that need to be done and everyone has their own ways of doing things. One word: Chaos!

That leads us to the second reason: wrong strategy. Every small decision is necessary to help
your business succeed. What systems should we set up? Should I hire more people? Where
should I invest my extra money? Am I maximising all my resources to obtain my objective? Am I
financially and emotionally ready? All of these and more should be taken into account in order to
achieve a holistic strategy that will make things doable even when the business is expanding.

We now realise how difficult and important it is to have a sound strategic plan for the company,
more so if the leaders are not equipped with skills that are crucial to growing the business. It is
fitting and proper to invest in harnessing the competency of people because they are the key to
executing the right strategies to accomplish “The Goal”.

Do you need guidance in scaling up your business? We, at the Business Navigation Centre, are
more than delighted to assist you in choosing the right game plan for your company to achieve
greater heights.