Business strategy and finance training driven by purpose

The Business Navigation Centre is for business owners and finance professionals who want to make a difference in the world.

Every strategic decision you make is driven by a bigger purpose and your passion for something other than profit. But you need advice and guidance to steer you on the right course. Our strategy and finance training gives you the chance to navigate the choppy waters of business with confidence and direction.

What can we help you achieve?

  • Make quality strategic decisions

  • Drive measured, swift actions

  • Steer your career onto a new, exciting path

  • Navigate your business to ultimate success

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Meet the Business Navigator

Why we do what we do

" We believe that every person who makes business decisions for the greater good deserves access to the best tools to succeed.

We’re here to provide those tools. "

Our Moral Compass

Be true

We are exactly who we say we are, we rely on our strengths to give great value and we identify how we can learn and grow.

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A head shot of Richard Kay

Richard Kay- Business Owner

Pharma Storage Solutions Limited

“Over the past 6 years, we have followed Helene’s advice with great success and will continue to build her services into our next 5 year plan for further growth and increased market share.”

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Amy Webb- Finance Director

Angel Solutions Limited

“Helene has shown me how to use data to shine a new light on all parts of the business, enabling non-financial people to make better decisions. As my mentor, she gives me confidence and helps me grow into my role for the benefit of both the business and myself.”

Who is the Business Navigation Centre For?

Business Owners and Directors

Finance Professionals

You have the vision for a better future for you, your community, the world, but you need business and financial expertise to make it happen

You are part or newly qualified and know you can offer more to your business than monthly accounts, then transform your career and create real impact on strategic decisions