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You're the person who makes business decisions for the greater good. You deserve access to the best tools to succeed. We’re here to provide them.

As you sail through the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship, you feel the need for a good navigator to keep you on course. That's what we do best.

The Business Navigation Centre is here to SUPPORT, COACH and MOTIVATE visionary businesses to achieve their business growth potential. Our online mentorship programs give you the skills to have a firm grip on the tiller and clarity on the direction of travel to ensure you achieve your business goals.


Meet our founder, Helene Sewell

Helene is an unusual accountant as she enjoys spending time with people as much as working with numbers. Over the course of her 25-year career, she has worked with a variety of businesses - from SMEs to large international companies including working as a Finance Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa in a FTSE 250 company. Her experience spans across a range of industries such as manufacturing, consumer goods and professional services. 

Her deep business knowledge, combined with a complete acceptance of people’s individualities, has made her a unique partner for business owners and entrepreneurs. She listens without judgement, understands without bias and supports by teaching the art of business and finance navigation.

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 This is for you if...

  • You tried to work with a mentor but never found one who actually understands you
  • You are looking for someone to shine a light on the way forward and give you clarity
  • You have ambition to grow your business, yet you can't waste precious resources in trial and error
  • Your business is your passion but your company needs a strategy, with financial planning tools to succeed  
  • You realise that what got you so far, will not take you where you want to go
  • You want to be THE 1 in 9 entrepreneurs who leaves a legacy
  • You would like to run your business rather than your business running you
  • You need real support, a sounding board, someone on your side who will inform but not judge
  • It’s NOT for you if you are looking for a shortcut to financial personal gain.

Here is what one of our client says ...

I didn't know it was possible to achieve so much in one year. Working with Helene grew me as a person as well as my business.

If you are thinking of working with her, just jump!

Tina Keys - Owner of Pink Diamond Projects

Benefits from working with Helene

  • Build a self-sustainable business that can function on its own.
  • Get a clear path to achieving your big goals, and keeping you on track.
  • Feeling in control of your business and your future.
  • Get the confidence to press on and achieve your ambitions.
  • Get a real sense of making progress as a business and as an entrepreneur. 
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Our Framework: Thriving Business Navigation Toolkit

The Big Picture

Establish where is true north before you set sails for  your dream destination


Know the details that will make or break your success and guide your strategies 


Create a comprehensive plan for your journey, time, and resources

Power Up

Keep control and stay ahead as your propel you business forward

How do we help you succeed?

  • You get a unique blend of a tried and tested framework with years of practical experience.
  • You follow a structured, yet flexible methodology to suit your style of learning.
  • You will design your business to fit with who you are and who you are meant to serve.
  • Running your business is the one skill set you cannot outsource. We mentor you to manage your business effectively.
  • You implement business processes that allow quality decision making at the right time.
  • By identifying what's holding you back the most, you can take decisive action and implement significant measures that will have a profound and immediate impact on your business
  • You have a sounding board whenever you need to think something through.

What you get when working with us 


  1. Prioritisation of your learning journey
  2. 24/7 access to training videos 
  3. Templates, frameworks, and cheat sheets that take care of the heavy lifting and save you a lot of time
  4. Weekly live Q&A sessions open to all our clients
  5. An accountability partner to keep motivated to learn and move forward
  6. A community of like-minded people on a similar journey to share your successes & challenges
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What others are saying...

Richard Kay

Owner - Pharma Storage Solutions Ltd

"Over the past 6 years, we have followed Helene's advice with great success."

Amy Webb

Finance Director - Angel Solutions Ltd

"Helene gives me confidence to grow into my role for the benefit of the business and myself."

Nick Howe

CEO - Uniform Communication Ltd

"Helene has a refreshingly direct approach and bring clarity and focus to the business."