Get The Clarity and Success You Want by knowing what skills you need, and learning them.

The entrepreneurial journey can feel like a maze full of deadends, but not if you have a seasoned business navigator by your side. 

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Who and what is The Business Navigation Centre?

We believe that every person who makes business decisions for the greater good deserves access to the best tools to succeed. We’re here to provide those tools.

As you sail through the uncertain waters of entrepreneurship, you need a good navigator to keep you on course. Any entrepreneur who has been sailing solo will tell you this.

The Business Navigation Centre is here to support, coach and motivate visionary businesses to achieve their higher purpose. Our online courses and membership programs give you the skills to have a firm finger on the pulse of the business and clarity on the direction of travel. With us on board, you can be confident in your decision-making and regain control of your business.


Is TBNC for you?

  • Are you on the verge of taking off but really not sure what you’re doing
  • Did you get stuck in the day-to-day operations of your business?
  • Do you feel you are running in treacle?
  • Are you stuck in a bad place and can't seem to get growing?
  • Do you vaguely remember why you started this business but now you sometimes wonder if it was worth it?
  • Are you passionate about what you do?
  • Did you have little or no training on how to run and scale a business?
  • Do you have a sense of responsibility that it is up to you to make this work?
  • It’s not for you if you want instant sales and marketing ideas, a magic formula to make millions in a few months with no effort, or are self-employed and happy to stay that way

Meet Helene Sewell

Your Business Navigator


Benefits from working with Helene

  • Build a self-sustainable business that can function on its own.
  • Get a clear path to achieving your big goals, and keeping you on track.
  • Feeling in control of your business and your future.
  • Get the confidence to press on and achieve your ambitions.
  • Get a real sense of making progress as a business and as an entrepreneur. 
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How do we help you succeed?

  • Running a successful business takes specific skills you cannot outsource. You can hire the best marketers, salespeople, customer service, HR, accountants, etc. If you don’t have the skills to make it all work together it will fail to achieve its potential.
  • Your business needs processes in place that give directions, ensure proper management of
    resources and allow quality decision making at the right time.
  • Business success is like a big trip, you need to know where you start from, where you are
    now, what direction you are going in, what route you want to take and what you need to see as
    far ahead as possible so you can adjust the course to stay on track.
  • To achieve that, a business owner needs to master 13 habits that will keep them in
    full control of their business.
  • They fall into 4 categories:
    o The big picture
    o The detailed things you need to be clear about and keep your eye on
    o Planning your journey, your time, and your resources
    o Anticipation of what lies ahead
  • If you fall significantly short in any one of those skills, it will affect the performance and
    therefore the success of your business, no matter how good you are at the other skills.
  • Because the true recipe to business success is to keep the business in balance
  • Improving on the skill with the lowest score will have an immediate and drastic impact on
    your business

All You Need To Build A Successful Business

Clarity is the most important thing we need as entrepreneurs. This will help us grow while moving in the right direction. We also need resilience to keep positive in good and bad times. Longevity is what will help us stay in the game. 

Watch this video for all the benefits of having a Business Navigator by your side. 


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Four parts of the Business Navigation Toolkit

The Big Picture

Establish where is true north before we set sails anywhere. 

Know the detail

Know the things you need to be clear about and keep an eye on 


We create a watertight plan for your journey, time, and resources


Look ahead, plan accordingly, and escape every lurking iceberg.

How do we help you learn those skills? 


  1. We help you identify which skills you can improve to make the biggest impact in the shortest time with our quiz
  2. The quiz results report gives you a roadmap of the learning journey.
  3. We provide training videos that you can watch when it works for you
  4. We provide templates, frameworks, and cheat sheets to take care of the heavy lifting and save
    you a LOT of time
  5. You may ask questions if you don’t understand something or don’t know how to implement a particular tool in your business at weekly live Q&A sessions
  6. We become your accountability partner to keep motivated to learn and move forward
  7. We put you in touch with like-minded people on a similar journey to share your successes & challenges
Help is a Call Away

What do I get when I sign up for the Business Navigation Centre

  • Exclusive video tutorials that will transform the way you approach decision making

  • Valuable, strategic content that actually meets the needs of your business, in an interactive learning environment to help you implement change at pace 

  • The chance for bespoke business advice from an experienced, trusted Financial Director

  • Access to a welcoming community of purpose-driven business owners to help create new opportunities for your business

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