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Someone that did was Captain E. J. Smith, in charge of the Titanic on that fateful day in June 1912. The great ship actually received, not 1 not 2 but 5 iceberg warnings. What happened is actually quite interesting – and very relevant if you run a business…

What on earth have icebergs and the Titanic got to do with you and your business?

Well, more than you might think, I promise.

You see, businesses get into difficulties and create stress and angst for the business owner because they ignore the warnings.

Oh, the signs are there, I assure you, but they’re either ignored or not considered important enough because most businesses don’t have a navigation system to guide them through difficult waters.

How is this applied to business?

This expertise, called "Financial Planning and Analysis" is common in large companies. It often comes in the form of a dedicated team that operates separate from accounting and has a number of key features.

  • They look forward, not backwards
  • Turn data into vital information
  • They highlight risks and opportunities and quantify potential outcomes for optimum decision making.
  • They ensure the company is proactive, not reactive by giving sight of what’s ahead.


This is where I’ve spent 20 years of my professional career, working in a variety of corporations from SMEs to global leaders in their market. I went from trainee to chief navigator for a FTSE250 company that spans over 3 continents. My work involved supporting the captain in his assessment of risks and opportunities and guiding him in his decision making by providing relevant, meaningful information.

I want to learn more

Great news!

Small businesses like yours can use the same tools and systems to plot your growth without hiring an expensive team or spending loads of time on it.

You can recognize the iceberg warnings and take appropriate action.

You can head for the wide-open channels, the beautiful calm seas and reach your destination without running aground.

The number one quality of a good navigator, in business or on the high seas, is awareness and it’s a tricky one because

“You don’t know what you don’t know”.

But you don’t have to be in the fog anymore.

Let me share with you the 13 tools and techniques of a great business navigator so that you become a better business owner.

You’ll acquire ‘life skills’ that will stand you in good stead whatever business you run, now or in the future, and most importantly you’ll gain total peace of mind that your business is heading where you want it to go. 

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What you will discover:

  • The 13 tools and techniques of a great business navigator, and how to use them in your business;
  • Your relative strengths and areas for development, all emailed to you with the Top 3 ‘areas to focus on’ highlighted

Now the best bit, this special online event is FREE to attend.

13 Tools to Become a Great Business Navigator

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Many have said it’s the best hour they’ve invested in their business this year. And the same could be true for you.

“Helene’s session was brilliant. I feel like a proper professional business person now”. 
“I was really skeptical but the 13 tools really do work, even for a small business like mine. So glad I came…”
“So much more useful and practical than I expected. Brilliant.”

What's more in store for you?

Every attendee will be sent the “Brilliant Business Planning in 2 hours or Less” Module that includes step-by-step videos, worksheets and a business plan template. This alone will save you hours and upgrade your business planning to a seriously pro level.

Good business planning really can be that easy and that quick to do, when you know what you’re doing, and we guide you all the way. It’s yours for free when you attend the live online training.

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I know as a business owner you must wear many hats. The one of the business navigator is not much talked about, yet it is your level of awareness, the quality of your plan and your ability to anticipate that will make or break your business in the long run. You can’t argue with that!


Until you have a large crew on board, the responsibility to navigate rests with you. Give yourself the best tools so it is not a burden.


The first 50 to register and attend are the only ones to get all 3 tools for free so don’t wait, click now and start running your business like a great ship!