Implement the navigation tools to reach your goals 

With our Port Membership

Awareness is only the first step on your navigation journey. Then you need to take the actions that keep your business on track to achieve it's greater purpose.

We  provide you with the tools to plan and anticipate so you and everyone else in your business can make the right decisions at the right time.

From knowledge to ACTIONS

What does a Port membership include?

  • The BNC toolkit- an expanded version of the knowledge kit complemented with lots of tools and templates. We have done the heavy lifting, you can save time and focus on implementing the tools and techniques that will transform your business to achieve your loftiest goals

  • Weekly Q&As giving you the opportunity to get real time answers from Helene Sewell about any topic, from the challenges and obstacles you face to how to apply the tools and techniques to your business

  • Access to the BNC Blog with weekly posts on the latest tips and tools

  • Our micro video library filled with snappy tutorials to leverage your office tools and optimise your workflow​​

  • A discount on our monthly interactive masterclasses with Helene Sewell

  • A recommended reading list for each section covered in the Toolkit

  • The BNC community- an online space to share successes and challenges and ask for help and contacts

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Launch price
from £40.90 per month +VAT

Launching 28th Sep 2021

Want one-on-one support?

Get a bespoke training experience with regular one-on-one sessions with Helene Sewell. Create a long term plan to success and benefit from expert guidance and advice as well as the full content of the Port Membership and 1 free masterclass per month. 

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