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Stern membership
- from £15.90/m

Learn about the essential tools and techniques you need to navigate the treacherous waters of business and achieve your goals

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Port membership
- launch price from £40.90/m

Get the tools, templates and more to put your navigation skills into practice and take the decisive actions that brings you success 

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Starboard membership

One-on-one support from an experienced navigator, giving you specific guidance and accountability to reach your loftiest ambitions

What it takes to have success and longevity in a business

The steps to quality business decision making

For Business Owners

Business strategy resources, classes and coaching for purpose-driven business owners

What do I get when I sign up to the Business Navigation Centre

  • Exclusive video tutorials that will transform the way you approach decision making

  • Valuable, strategic content that actually meets the needs of your business, in an interactive learning environment to help you implement change at pace 

  • The chance for bespoke business advice from an experienced, trusted Financial Director

  • Access to a welcoming community of purpose-driven business owners to help create new opportunities for your business

Take a peak at what lies ahead

The Business Navigation Masterclasses for Business Owners

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Book your place in one of Helene's monthly, fully interactive masterclasses. Talk with like-minded business owners and gain 30 day access to a port tier subscription. Expand your visions for your business to find the next step in your journey to success.

"We have been worked with Helene for just over 2 years now. In that time she has helped provide a more detailed financial view of the business, has recommended a suite of more efficient management and reporting systems, and has mentored our finance manager.

Helene has a refreshingly direct approach and brings clarity and focus to the key financial metrics in the business."

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