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What is the Business Navigation Centre

Dec 01, 2021

Video Transcript: 

My name is Helene Sewell and I am the founder of the Business Navigation Centre. I've opened the centre because I believe every entrepreneur who makes business decisions for the greater good deserves the best tools to succeed and the No. 1 tool before anything else is the skill to make quality decisions.  


If you recognise yourself as a business decision maker or influencer then you know the quality of the decision you make or influence will determine whether your business succeeds, stagnates or even fails.  


Do you find it difficult to make purposeful decisions for your business?  

Are you not sure in what order to go about it?  

Have you made a decision and  then not followed through with the action because you had second thoughts? 


You are not alone.  


Lots of entrepreneurs suffer from procrastination. Or do you feel you have made the wrong decisions and regretted it? Once again, a common problem entrepreneurs have.  

Poor management decisions are amongst the top 4 reasons why businesses fail. So here at the Business Navigation Centre we are obsessed  with paving the road to business success. We do that by sharing our learning on some of the fundamentals like what brings business success and longevity? Or What are the steps for quality decision making?  

And why is the relationship between decision and action be counter-intuitive?  


We offer a range of support designed to assist your business in making relevant quality decisions and implementing the actions that will deliver your goals. The service can be tailored to fit your requirements and what stage of the business journey you’re at.  


Now you might ask: what credentials do I have to run the business navigation centre?  

Well,... I have spent my life and career making decisions and supporting others in their decision process and then taking decisive actions.

When I first arrived in the UK in my early twenties, I retrained as an accountant, I worked in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, services, software. I started from the ground up with a particular interest in management decisions, rather than compliance. I had my own start-up which I sold, worked in SMEs and multinationals, climbed the ladder to finance director roles, the last one in a FTSE 250 company.


I left 3 years ago. I gained a very broad experience and built a reputation that got me hired in businesses with difficulties because I consistently turned the tide, from chaos to order, from losses to turnaround.  

I have never settled for what was easy but for what was right and congruent with the values and goals of the business.  

I have learnt that making a decision is a very individual process and I know that what is the right decision for one business at a given time, could be the wrong decision for another.


So we don’t tell you what to do with a one size fits all solution. We support you in understanding the "why" , the options on how, and quantifying the resources to deliver. We guide your thought process for your own personal journey. So have a look at our mission, vision and values and if you feel it’s right for you, please complete the contact page for a call back. There is no financial risk to you because if it doesn’t work out or if you don’t see the value, for each level there is a money back guarantee policy.

If you’re still not sure it’s for you, you can also connect with me on Social Media, see my regular posts and take it from there. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success in  your business endeavour and hope the business  navigation centre can show you the route to your success.