About the Business Navigation Centre

We believe that every person who makes business decisions for the greater good deserves access to the best tools to succeed. We’re here to provide those tools.

What is the Business Navigation Centre?

The Business Navigation Centre exists to support, coach and motivate visionary businesses achieve their higher purpose. Whether you are a business owner or finance professional working for a fantastic SME, our online courses and guidance give you the skills to have a firm finger on the pulse of the business and clarity on the direction of travel. With us on board, you can be confident in your decision making and regain control of your business.

Meet our founder, Helene Sewell

A headshot of Helene Sewell in a turquoise top and a grey pinafore

Helene is often described as an unusual accountant as she enjoys spending time with people as much as working with numbers. Over the course of her 25-year career she has worked with a variety of businesses - from SMEs to large international companies including working as a Finance Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa in a FTSE 250 company. Her experience spans across a range of industries such as manufacturing, consumer goods and professional services. 

Her deep business knowledge, combined with a complete acceptance of people’s individualities, has made her a unique partner for business owners and finance professionals. She listens without judgement, understands without bias and supports others by teaching the art of business and finance navigation.

How Helene has helped others

“Helene created a safe environment where I could share without judgement. Working through her ‘perception’ and ‘reality’ exercises helped us to work together at a pace which was both comfortable and challenging. The goals we created feel important and relevant to me and my business. I can honestly say my life is more enriched as a result of working with her. ”


- Saj Akbar

a headshot of Saj Akbar